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Hailing from the vibrant musical scene of New York City, NY, Greg Szaro stands out as an exceptional drummer whose passion for his craft is matched only by his dedication to the art of rhythm and percussion. With a deep-rooted love for music that knows no bounds, Greg has honed his skills over the years, earning him a well-deserved reputation as a sought-after drummer for studio recordings and an in-demand performer on tours across various stages and venues worldwide. Embracing every beat with finesse and flair, he continues to captivate audiences and fellow musicians alike, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry.


Well-known for his creative versatility and musicianship, Greg attended Berklee College of Music where he received his Bachelors and Masters degrees. He has studied his proficiency under legendary drummers Mike Mangini, Yoel Paez, Kenwood Dennard, Mark Walker, Kim Plainfield, and Dave Dicenso, among others. Greg has grown to be a prominent figure in the New York City studio recording and live performance scene, utilizing the styles of Jazz,, Big-Band, Pop, Rock, Metal/Progressive, and working various theaters on Broadway.

Since 2016, Greg Szaro has displayed unwavering dedication and exceptional artistry as the Orchestra Drummer for Royal Caribbean International's highly esteemed production shows. Notably, these captivating productions include the iconic "We Will Rock You: The Musical," the soulful "Piano Man," the enthralling "Center Stage," and the timeless "Now and Forever." With each performance, Greg's rhythmic prowess and musical finesse have left audiences awestruck, solidifying his position as an invaluable asset to the company's artistic endeavors.


As a testament to his unmatched talent and outstanding leadership, Greg's remarkable journey with Royal Caribbean International has recently elevated him to the prestigious role of Musical Director. In this pivotal position, he assumes the crucial responsibility of overseeing the entire musical direction aboard their flagship vessels, ensuring an unparalleled and unforgettable entertainment experience for passengers and guests from around the world.


With his keen eye for detail, relentless pursuit of perfection, and a deep understanding of the musical landscape, Greg masterfully collaborates with a diverse ensemble of artists, directors, and technicians to craft sensational performances that resonate with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Through his guidance and artistic vision, the musical repertoire aboard these majestic cruise ships reaches new heights, enriching the onboard experience and forging unforgettable memories for passengers embarking on their voyages.


Outside of his illustrious work on the high seas, Greg continues to be a trailblazer in the music industry, inspiring aspiring musicians and fellow drummers through workshops, masterclasses, and musical collaborations. His commitment to his craft knows no bounds, and his infectious passion for music permeates every aspect of his life.


Greg Szaro's exceptional journey with Royal Caribbean International exemplifies the perfect fusion of talent, dedication, and creativity, making him a true virtuoso in the realm of music and an invaluable leader within the world of entertainment. As he continues to steer the musical course of the company's flagship productions, there's no doubt that his influence will continue to reverberate across stages and oceans for years to come.

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